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Dropshipping is a business model where you are selling products online without having a physical store or warehouse. It’s also one of the easiest ways to start a business online.

10,000$ a month is an achievable goal. There are many success stories how people built empires online with dropshipping. This is not going to happen overnight but takes some time to get to this point. Many people quit in the beginning and that’s their biggest mistake. It’s always the hardest in the beginning. 

All you need is a small investment (10$-20$), some free time (~10 hours a week) and you are ready to go. You will do many mistakes at the beginning, but you have to learn from them. You have to test your methods, learn from the results and repeat.

I will write a rough explanation how to set up your store, what steps to take regarding your marketing and where to learn.

I highly suggest taking a dropshipping course or eBay dropshipping course to get more details and “hacks” to get more out of your store. Facebook marketing is an important part of your store and it will help you get more customers. We wrote how Facebook ads work and take a Facebook ads course to get more into it.

Short disclaimer: I am not into a dropshipping. This is not a step-by-step guide but a review of cons and pros about this business model. I’ve learned a lot of from successful drop shippers for my business model: affiliates.

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How to start fast?

Setting up a dropshipping business can take a while. It can take you about 6 months to get to a number of 10,000$/month. It will take you lots of testing, creating a brand, finding customers and making a lot of mistakes.

The best way is to learn from those who are already making 10 times more than that! Invest in your knowledge and learn from other’s mistakes and success stories. Take a dropshipping course, learn more about Facebook ads and how to properly target your audience. 

A very similar business model can be applied to Amazon affiliates. Take an Amazon affiliate course and start doing!

How dropshipping works?

You probably bought something in the past from a dropshipping website without knowing that. One of those examples is Price of some of those maps is 80$, but you can get them on AliExpress for a 20$.
Let’s presume you will spend 20$ on ads to sell one map, your net profit is 40$ on each map.

Once you get to a point when you have successfully targeted your audience that is interested in buying this product and you make just 8 sales a day that’s your 10,000$/month! Even at 4 sales, you are making more than average American’s income. 

Why dropshipping?

Low starting capital

It costs you almost nothing to start. Depends on what and where you want to invest. Anyone can start their own dropshipping business from their home.

Low risk

Except for some few small investments in marketing and tools, you will almost have no other expenses. You don’t have a risk of buying products you won’t be able to sell. You don’t need a warehouse to store those products. You don’t have to hire people and take responsibility for them.

You choose your own niche

You can choose a niche you like or you have experience. Choose from drones to luxury watches. It’s up to you.

Is it too late for dropshipping?

No, it is not. Dropshipping is a business model that is present on the market for a longer time. Many are into it already and making real business with it. Just for an example, Wayfair is a company on market since 2002 and they had a revenue of unbelievable 4.7 billion USD in 2017. I went to their office for a job interview and got more details how it works from the inside: amazing. I like to mention them and their model as a success story.

Screenshot: Google Trends

According to Google Trends (a tool you will use a lot for your product) show that dropshipping gained a huge interest over the time. It’s still growing and it’s not a bubble. More and more stores are moving online, the market is expanding and there are many new opportunities coming with that.

With dropshippers manufacturers don’t have to care about marketing much, it’s all up to dropshippers. Their product will be sold. It’s a win-win model.

How to get started with dropshipping?

It’s quite easy to start with a dropshipping. First of all, you need a store. At the moment of writing this blog post, I will presume you know how to use your computer, you understand what is marketing or how to create an online account.

Why will you need

To get started you need a store. Instead of spending thousands on building own custom site, integrating tracking tools, payment systems etc, try going with a Shopify.

You need to find a product you will sell. Research keywords, see bestsellers on popular stores like Amazon and AliExpress.

Set up a Facebook account if you already don’t have one. Learn how to and start creating Facebook ads for your products.

Provide customer care for products you sold and take care of your customers. Once they are satisfied they will return back.

How to set up an online store and a Shopify account?

Easiest and the fastest way to set up an online store is by creating a Shopify account. Shopify gives you ready to go shop with set up theme for your store. 

Instead of investing thousands on creating a custom website, paying for a web hosting and website support you can use Shopify — it will save you a lot of time and money at the start.

Shopify offers a 14 day free trial for your shop. It’s up to you to choose a brand name, shop theme and you are ready to go. Shopify has integrated marketing tools, tracking tools for your shop, payment system and shipping.

Over 600,000 business run on Shopify with over 55 billion USD sold in their stores. That’s on average over 90,000$ per store! Start by creating your account today.

It has an excellent integration with Oberlo. Oberlo is a store for your products. As we mentioned, you don’t need a warehouse for products you are selling. You can use Oberlo to find products to sell and Oberlo also works with AliExpress. With Oberlo you can easily add products from AliExpress to your site.


Few tips and hacks

  1. Sell your own products and your brand. If you sell for example Nike shoes with a higher price most likely you will sell nothing. People will search for that brand and you’ll end up competing with a huge brand — a battle you will lose.

  2. Find ideas on products by exploring Amazon bestsellers or if you decide to go with AliExpress check out their bestsellers.

  3. Get a good photographer and quality images. Looking cheap won’t help you and may get you look suspicious.

  4. List your items on Amazon. Sign up for Amazon advertising, it has low competition. You’ll get a good price for your ads. ROI on average is about 80%.
    Get a free 100$ Google Adwords voucher. Get traffic to your product for free. Google in my experience is slightly more expensive than Facebook — but hey, this is a free voucher.

  5. Work on your SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a free way to get more traffic. Optimize your product titles for search engines and get higher in search results. Free traffic is your best investment. A good way to learn more about SEO is by taking SEO course.
    Make your titles eye catching, create a clickbait. Check out Neil Patel’s blog post on how to create better titles.

  6. Provide the best customer service and care about your customers. Once the customer bought something from you and got its package delivered they will trust you. They will talk to their friends about your store — make sure they say good words about you. Include handwritten notes, send them thanking emails.

  7. Create a loyalty program. Reward your returning customers. People like getting discounts. It will also give them a reason to return to your store.

  8. Do keyword research. Create long tail keywords for the products you are selling. Make sure people are looking for a product you are selling. Check Google trends for more information on demographic data to better target your audience. If this sounds unfamiliar start by learning SEO.

What success depends on?

Your dropshipping site mostly depends on marketing you do. Facebook ads are the most popular way to target potential customers and willing audience. It may take you a while and cost you a few bucks to test which audience performs the best. 

Don’t quit!

Don’t quit. You maybe won’t earn much in the beginning, but it’s a process. As it’s hard for you was hard for the others and will be hard for newcomers trying to take you down.

If you are new to Facebook marketing and creating ads you will have to test multiple times. Start by creating 5$ ad and see how it performs. If it creates sales try doubling the investment. Depending on your product, price, and interest you may miss with 1, 2 or 10 ads which may end up costing you 50$-100$ if you don’t know what are you doing. I suggest you to take a 19$ course and save yourself time and money. You will know how to better test audiences and learn from it.

Do the math, investigate and try!

Do a research about your product. Check that market is not overpopulated and you are not selling at the wrong price. Make sure you have enough money after you pay for the product, cover your costs for marketing and investments such as Shopify.

Do you want more?

If you read everything up to here, you already know more than enough needed for a start. I hope this will work for you. Create your own side income, a new hobby and get to the business.

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