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I'm one of the developers who was experimenting with different Frameworks for a while. From backend to frontend, I tried what goes under my hand, and pick up what best suits for me. The idea was simple, if I had a difficult time understanding how the framework works after a month of using it, I switched to new one. But React was different.

My story goes like this. I started coding 4 years ago, and I was mainly focused on backend stuff, but I think that every developer has the same story – you need to know some of the frontend stuff as well because you will need it sooner or later. I started learning Laravel from online tutorials (that's the reason why we started Elea Online), and got my first gig, then second, then third, and then I started building stuff for myself. 

The secret

I will tell you a little secret. The first version of Elea Online was built on Laravel for API, and React for everything else. I was learning React, and I've built a bunch of things using React. I've loved it! It was just light bulb over my head, everything seems so easy, and in place. I knew immediately that I will keep learning React, I fell in love with this framework. 

I've read a whole bunch of articles which kept telling me that learning React is a difficult process, but I can assure you, as a developer who didn't write Javascript a lot, that React is not so hard to learn once you grasp basic stuff like state, and JSX, it's really easy.

Don't get me wrong, things can be complex too, as a matter of fact, I've found myself numerous times in complex situation, but as times goes by, and you write code more and more, you learn how React works and all this become easy and more logical.

Nowadays, there is a lot of ways how to learn React. One of the great resources is actually official documentation, where you can find great examples. Also, there is a lot of books on how to learn React, but if you are like me, I prefer learning through videos, because I'm more visual guy, so If you are like me, then this is a great place to start.

Why should you learn React in the first place?

React become very popular in the last few years, and there is a good reason why this is a case. First, React was built by Facebook, in fact, React was an internal project which was later open sourced. Probably you didn't know that, but Instagram's web version is built on React, Facebook chat is built on React, Facebook Ads manager built on React, so there are some very good proof of concepts, so obviously they did a great job building framework.

Secondly, when a company like Facebook use this framework in their products, and also investing lot's of money and resources to keep framework alive, you can be assured that they won't just gave up on that, they want a good product they can use. 

Third, and also very important, out there one can find lots and lots of resources about learning React. You can basically find everything, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck somewhere. Believe me, if I found a solution for my problems, you can do it too! Also, there are many articles written about learning React, also there is lot's of videos on YouTube and, of course, you can find many online courses where you can learn React.

React is a platform for mobile devices too

React is good for numerous reasons. It's easy to start learning, and once you learn React you can switch to React Native which allows you to build mobile applications, and that's not all, React can be used for developing Augmented Reality experience, so I think that's a big deal. The syntax is same whatever you want to build, yes there are some exceptions, but the basic idea of React is same everywhere, which is a really good thing. 

Honestly, I never tried to learn React Native, but you can find really good courses about learning React Native. I saw website that was built with React Native and they work great and looks beautiful too, so maybe, if you are more into mobile development, you can start learning React Native, because you can not only build apps for iOS devices, but for Android too, and you get only one instance of code!

Above learning React

As you will progress in your learning path through learning React, you will find tools that will help you with setting up React, like CreateReactApp that will make the process of setting up and working with your first application a breeze. 

Also, when you will reach an intermediate level in learning React, then you will probably hear more about Redux, state management which will make it easy to scale your application once your app will become popular - and that's the reason why we are all working on our ideas, right?

Make money working with React

While learning how to code, you get that weird satisfaction which we all love and respect, but there something beyond learning how to code. Good thing is that you are having fun learning React, while in the background you are setting up your foundation on your future business, whether it will be a freelance gig, fulltime job or building your own product. In any case, you will get paid well.

So, find some React courses, maybe some of them are free, and start your new career because there was never such demand for web developers around the world. 


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Sasa Fister

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