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8 Best Whatsapp Marketing Strategies - 2018


8 ways how to leverage the power of Whatsapp to grow expand and multiply your business!

1. Create a personalized brand account

Depending on your business this can be a real person or brand's name. For example: Shopify can have a whatsapp number for its customer service who are there all the time to answer their messages and engage with customers.

People take Whatsapp really personally so therefore they will feel better while communicating through the whatsapp rather than old boring email. You can also message your customers or prospects about your new product offers or get more sales through the proper communication.

2. Take a Whatsapp marketing course

Taking a whatsapp marketing course will help you get a bigger picture of all available and possible strategies. Learn more about how to manage your users properly, how to talk to them and how to optimize your process. All marketing strategies may seem simple, but more you know about them it will let you know how to use them in your advantage.
Getting user's phone numbers something is not that easy as it may seem. Learn more about how to work on this marketing strategy.

3. Offer something in exchange for a phone number

Offer something in exchange to get your user's phone number. This can be promo offer, customer support or share with them valuable informations.

In order to get connected with your customers message them with suprise time limited discount for the your product. This will create a sense of the urge which may increase your sales and feel them more special for being so unique for getting it.

4. Offer relevant content for free

Whatsapp has 70% engagement rate, which is the highest of all sources (newsletter has 20-30% at its best).

Feed your customers with quality content for free. Let them now you care about them, don't send them only spammy and old boring newsletters. 

5. Deliver Speedy Customer Service

If you are using your whatsapp for providing customer service make sure they get response in a proper time. When having a local business this may seem like the most trustful source of getting the information to the user.

6. Research your consumers

Research your audience. For bigger brands like Shopify or Nike this may be a big overkill. Imagine chaos managing all those users, customer service agents and messages. This strategy will work the best for smaller and local business. Research your audience, create a plan when and how to contact them. Create a list of topics they would be interested to receive messages about and how ofter.

7. Get ideas from Successful WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Do your homework. Check what your competition is working on. This is a new strategy for your marketing and you may be one of the first in your industry using this tool.

8. Know best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Tools

Whatsapp created its own business app. They are keen to help you manage your users and customers. 

Make sure you do a research before using these tools, otherwise your account may get banned for the abuse!
Some of the available tools are:

Send messages in the bulk to your users. Create marketing campaigns.
It is one of the Premium WhatsApp Marketing Services that ensure accurate and 100% guaranteed delivery.
You can also use this one if you want to use some WhatsApp marketing packages for resellers.

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