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Adobe InDesign CC Complete Course: Learn InDesign Projects


Master Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud 2018: Design an interactive lookbook, annual report, poster, and more in InDesign.

Master Adobe inDesign and build interactive lookbook, annual report, poster, and more. You will get access to over 13 hours of great video lessons, design your own lookbook, annual report and formulate and apply color schemes with various methods. Also, you will work with tables, place and edit text, images, and illustrations, as well as learn how to use spot colors, process colors, etc.

In order to follow this course, you will need access to Adobe InDesign, preferably Creative Cloud. Earlier versions are similar but slightly different for some tools or options. Most of the content is also applicable to earlier versions (such as CS6 or earlier CC). CS6 does not have paragraph shading or borders, for example.


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