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Complete Java Masterclass - updated for Java 10


Learn to master Java 8 and Java 10 core development step-by-step and make your first unique, advanced program in 30 days

Why learn Java?

Java is one of the most dominant programming language, where one can create whatever they imagine. Even though this sounds very simple, actually to learn how to program you need a good mentor how will guide you through core concepts. Don't be afraid, programming is not a science fiction or, as many people will tell you, you have to be really smart, which is not true. You just have to be willing to put a lot of hours into this and things will start to get into the place.


So what will you learn in this course?

Best way to learn something is to create something, so you will be building fully functional Java 8 programs right away, without learning useless stuff. After that, you will have knowledge to start on advanced programs for all computing platforms at once. 


Do you have to have coding experience for this course?

Not at all! That's the best part! You can start from scratch and advanced through this course, so you will gain more experience and get more comfortable with how Java works. Basically you will learn some of the free tools you need to download and install so you can write your first program, and you can be assured that this will be some of the most exciting things you did! Later on you can explore some of the advanced Java feature set to create programs.


Why should you learn Java?

Java is a ubiquitous programming language, and when you will have some basic knowledge to start working in some company or as a freelancer. Most banks use Java as their preferred language, so this is the place to go, also, this Java is used in every part of the world, so you will be a good fit no matter what.


Don't think that you will know everything!

Many people think that after they finish the course, they know how to write code, which is partly correct. Yes, you will get some basic skills, but as other things in life, you will become a better programmer as you write more code. So don't stop after you finish this course. Go through it a few times, you will not remember immediately everything you've learned. Try to build something on your own, like 'todo list', or 'phonebook' or even a simple CRUD app. (create, read, update, delete). Key to success here is writing as many code as you can!

Happy programming :)

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