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Facebook Ads Crash Course


Your Guide To Planning, Creating and Launching Successful Facebook Ads

In today's world, Facebook is inevitable medium whether you are a marketer, designer, journalist, or you just use it for fun.

Anyway, Facebook is here to stay, so investing time into learning more about how Facebook ads work is time well spent. You can have a little coffee shop or place to hang out, chances that you will use Facebook for marketing is high. 

To follow this course, students will need to understand how Facebook works, and how Facebook Business Page works. The good thing about this course is that you have lifetime access includes all future updates, student Q&, and additional resources. 

Here you will learn:

How To Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business
How To Target Your Audience With Pin Point Accuracy
How To Plan and Budget For Your Ads
How Your Website and Other Online Channels Impact Your Ads
How To Determine Your Demographic Targets
How To Re-Market To Potential Customers Who Have Not Purchased From you
How To Market to Past Customers

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