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Hello React - React Training for JavaScript Beginners


React Training for Those Who Don't Code Good. React course for beginners who want to learn javascript through React.

React Training for Those Who Don't Code Good

Start with a "Hello World" in React. This course is for those who are beginners in JavaScript development, you will learn it through this course. 

React has a steep learning curve for new developers. If you have found yourself quickly overwhelmed by the React Docs or other React tutorials then this is the course for you. This isn't the only React course you should take but it should be your first.

This course is adapted for beginners in order to learn about programming paradigms, design patterns and how to start. Most importantly, this course is easy to understand and follow.

Through this course, you will build many smaller apps so you can repeat and understand better fundamentals. Learning Javascript through React is a good way since React follows best practices and has OOP principles.

What Will I Learn?

  • Know the fundamentals of ReactJS

  • Unidirectional Dataflow in React

  • JSX

  • ES6 Classes

  • Functional Components

  • State

  • Props

  • Map

  • Filter

  • JavaScript

  • Ajax Requests

  • Lifecycle Methods


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