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Ultimate Laravel course 2018


Learn Laravel framework by building real-world application such as web shop and blog by solving problems occurring in Laravel project development

Laravel, one of the best PHP frameworks out there! Learning Laravel is really easy, so you can very quickly start building your own project.

Of course, you have to have a basic knowledge of PHP, but you can learn that along the way. Laravel can help you focus on your work, and not on building many things from scratch which was built million times over and over again. 

You will learn how to setup environment, how to handle routes, middleware, views, forms, and of course database as well. Good thing is that Luka will guide you through building a blog, so you can start working from that point on your project!

Course Agenda

After finishing this Laravel course you will be able to create your own blog as you went through the tutorial.

This course covers how to build custom webshop with Laravel and implement payment gateways such as PayPal for your shop. In this course, Luka will show you how to debug common problems in Laravel fast.


You will finish this course without leaving any lecture since author teaches in a very clear with and communicates the knowledge and the possibility that framework gives us. The most important is that Luka speaks very clearly and it's easy to understand sayings. His energy will get you interested more in Laravel. 



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