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Vue JS 2.0 Tutorial - Mastering Web Apps


Vue JS 2.0 tutorial to create apps you always wanted. You will build 5 apps, learn development secrets, VueRouter, Vuex, and more!

David Katz is a software engineer with experience in companies as Zendesk.

He is sharing his knowledge with you about best programming practices and concepts.

Vue JS is rising by his popularity. Its combination with Laravel provides rapid development opportunity. 

This Vue JS tutorial will teach you to create 5 apps and learn along the way. This practical tutorial will help you understand its structure, architecture and syntax.
Learn how to handle HTTP requests in Vue JS by using a public API. Use VueRouter to create multi page apps. Vuex helps you to manage data. You will learn how to use and manage with authentication and real-time database. 

This is not only Vue JS tutorial, but also you will learn to use VueRouter, Vuex along with its libraries. Some javascript experience may help you to understand this tutorial. 

What are you waiting for? Dive into this VueJ S tutorial and let's get to coding! Build web applications rapidly with this framework! 


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