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WordPress online course for beginners


Create your own Wordpress website: no experience, programming, or coding necessary. Learn how to build website from scratch

This wordpress online course will teach you how to create a website from scratch. No wordpress, coding or previous experience needed. 

You will learn how to create a website for yourself, your own portfolio, a blog or a business website. Over 30% of the internet is running on the Wordpress. By learning this high-in-demand skill it will help you get a developer job you always wanted. 

By following this course you will learn how to use a free wordpress hosting for your website. In first few lectures you will learn how to install wordpress theme. You will learn about many popular and often used wordpress plugins you might need. 
This course is highly addapted to beginners - we all know what it's like to be there.

Course Review

If you know nothing about WordPress then this course will give you a good solid foundation in creating WordPress sites. Instead of overloading you with information by going through every single menu option in WordPress Phil cuts to the chase by showing you what you need to do to create a fully functional site using WordPress.

Phil is direct to point, all practical experienced based insight, lots of tips and insight into what one need to stay lean and yet be comprehensive and competitive.

Excellent course coverage, enough to deliver value, to setup one up to start their own journey and save huge amount of time and effort. Live hands on implementation of different themes is incredible.

Best Part is The Bonus on Email Marketing, Which tied up all the learning throughout the course to fulfilling a practical need of a small business. It all made sense, how different components taught in course make a whole pie to fulfill a business function.


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