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How I’m working to overcome my struggles as a junior developer

Photo by Stas Aki on Unsplash

Free Code Camp Wednesday 09 January 2019

Laravel 5.7.20 Released

The Laravel team released 5.7.20 this week with added ‘chunkById()’ support on model relations, a new collection method, and some new FilesystemAdapter assertion methods. Visit Laravel News for the full post. T...

Laravel News Thursday 10 January 2019

Excel Export for Laravel Nova

A common feature request from clients is the ability to export data to Excel, so they can create their own reports and a myriad of other things. Maatwebsite, the creators of Laravel Excel, recently launched a new Nova package named Laravel Nova Excel...

Laravel News Tuesday 02 October 2018

What a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error Means and How You Can Fix It

Troubleshooting a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error is like solving a mystery. You don’t know what exactly happened or why i...

HubSpot Thursday 04 October 2018

These React Fundamentals You Skip may be Killing You

Often times, the inability to debug a certain error stems from not understanding some foundational concept.You can say the same thing if you don’t understand some more advanced concepts because you lack the knowledge of certain fundamentals.In this a...

Free Code Camp Friday 05 October 2018

How to become more productive while working less

Photo by Harry Sandhu on Unsplash...

Free Code Camp Friday 05 October 2018

Laratables: Ajax support of DataTables in Laravel

Laratables is a package by Gaurav Makhecha ( to handle server-side AJAX of DataTables in Laravel +5.5. Visit Laravel News for the full post. The post

Laravel News Wednesday 12 September 2018

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Installing Python and Anaconda on Windows

This tutorial will show you how to install Python (via Anaconda) on your machine.Before getting started with the installation, let’s learn a bit more about what Anaconda exactly is. Python is the programming language which will be installed on the ma...

Hackernoon Wednesday 05 September 2018

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Vue Devtools 5.0 Beta is Here

Guillaume Chau, a member of the core Vue.js team, announced Friday that the Vue.js devtools 5.0 beta release it out! Learn about the new features coming to Vue Devtools 5.0, and where to install the extension. Visit Laravel...

Laravel News Tuesday 04 September 2018

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Why Every Software Engineer Should Write Articles

And How It Benefits EverybodyIn today’s highly complex and rapidly evolving computer science industry, it is more important than ever to have people writing technical pieces that explain complex technologies and concepts in a simple way.You’ve alread...

Free Code Camp Thursday 16 August 2018

Flexbox: The Animated Tutorial

Explaining Flexbox concepts using easy-to-understand animationsPhoto by Dan Gold on 

Free Code Camp Thursday 09 August 2018

The 5 Most Popular Front-end Frameworks Compared

There’s a deluge of CSS front-end frameworks available nowadays. But the number of really good ones can be narrowed down to just a few. In this article, I’ll compare what I think are the five best front-end frameworks available today. Each framework...

Sitepoint Thursday 09 August 2018

The Complete Illustrated Flexbox Tutorial

When I started to learn flex I wanted to see everything it was capable of. But when it came to examples of all properties, visually I wasn’t able to find a thorough tutorial.

Free Code Camp Monday 06 August 2018

Maizzle Email Framework

Maizzle is a new email framework for rapid HTML email development for developers. It’s a static site generator tailored to email that’s more like a project than a package you install. Learn about how Maizzle combines Jigsaw and Tailwind to help devel...

Laravel News Friday 03 August 2018

Understanding npm in Nodejs

I think npm was one of the reasons for quick adoption of nodejs. As of writing this article there are close 7,00,000 packages on npm. If you want more details about packages across different platforms you can checkout I k...

Hackernoon Thursday 02 August 2018

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