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Personal macOS Workspace Setup

This is my personal macOS workspace setup for web development. If you’d like to install latest technologies and stay up to date, follow my guide and you will enjoy using your macOS computer more than ever.This post will remain updated, as this is gui...

Hackernoon Monday 02 July 2018

Tech Career Advice from 30 Interviews

I just wrapped up season one of my Dev Chats series, where I interviewed a different tech professional every 1–3 weeks asking them about their role, career, and their unique experiences. It was really great hearing from the folks I had on, and I hope...

Hackernoon Wednesday 04 July 2018

How Blockchain Is Reshaping The Advertising and Media Spaces

Digital advertising fraud is a massive issue in the business world.Ad fraud takes $1 for every $3 spent on digital ads.In fact, ad fraud is such a serious issue that 37% of surveyed advertisers would gladly pay a premium to ens...

Hackernoon Tuesday 03 July 2018

Blockchain is the future of e-commerce

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have much to offer the world of conventional e-commerce, with the first payment plug-ins and even whole marketplace platforms now launching.From its shaky start with Amazon and other early online retailers in the late...

Hackernoon Tuesday 10 July 2018

How Fast Can You Learn React?

Have you ever wondered if Flash needs more than 5 minutes to learn React?There is a trend in software development that I am starting to despise from the deepest corners of my liver — portraying complicated stuff as if it were a piece o’ cake. React i...

Hackernoon Monday 09 July 2018

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The Journey to a World Unknown Begins in a Vessel Yet Built

An Uncensored Look At Smart Contracts, Part 2:If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, I recommend starting there first.Getting started writing softwar...

Hackernoon Wednesday 11 July 2018

How I Built a Company With a $130M Valuation

A snapshot of the team, taken April 20, 2018As countless other stories go, the beginning of StartEngine was a simple one. Today, StartEngine is 33 employees. We have helped 160 companies raise capital from our pool of 150,000+ investors. We have rais...

Hackernoon Wednesday 18 July 2018

Bitcoin: How Money Has Evolved

From seeds and precious metals to coins and paper, is digital cash the next step in the evolution of money?How “currency” was born.Before the invention of cash money, people relied on a bartering system, this meant that if one person wanted a certain...

Hackernoon Wednesday 18 July 2018

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10 free places to find your next remote web development freelance project

Are you a web developer looking for your next remote freelance project?Man-in-the-middle marketplaces like UpWork, Freelancer, and Fiverr aren’t the only places you can use to find remote work. There are better ways to find good remote freelance proj...

Hackernoon Wednesday 01 August 2018

Ever shipped a pet project to production?

Lessons learnt from going the full mile.Photo by Clément H on 

Hackernoon Thursday 02 August 2018

Understanding npm in Nodejs

I think npm was one of the reasons for quick adoption of nodejs. As of writing this article there are close 7,00,000 packages on npm. If you want more details about packages across different platforms you can checkout I k...

Hackernoon Thursday 02 August 2018

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Using Multiple UIStoryboards in Xcode

iOS Developers, this tutorial has the intention to make you forget building iOS apps that rely on a single storyboard.In the past few years, iOS projects (and mobile projects in general) contained no more than 10–15 screens in total. A single storybo...

Hackernoon Monday 06 August 2018

Check this course: The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course - Build 20 Apps

Who is Doing all the Hard Work: The Top 5 Projects That Promote Real Blockchain Adoption

Adoption means everything for a technology. What is any project worth if nobody is ever going to use it? Blockchain technology has been around for more than five years (Bitcoin was released in 2009) now, and the past two of them were pretty intense.....

Hackernoon Monday 13 August 2018

5 Super Simple Tips to Rank YouTube Videos

2018 Video MarketingYouTube is one of the largest platforms regarding catering audience, having the highest numbers of videos, channels, followers and subscribers. That is why if you are on YouTube, everyone and anyone can search for you. But since t...

Hackernoon Monday 13 August 2018

Entrepreneur never stops hustling, and he mustn’t!

It doesn’t matter whether it is a first time entrepreneur or a seasoned and successful one.Thanks to pop-culture, whenever I think of a ghost-town, the image of a few tumbleweeds rolling in front of a tavern crops up in my head.No one wants to visit...

Hackernoon Thursday 16 August 2018

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