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Brand marketers: Just sitting on your video performance metrics won’t get you far

As a brand marketer in the digital age, you can capture all the campaign performance data in the world, but unless you have the right measurement, distribution, and optimization processes, it’s worthless. This is something Kellogg recently tackled fo...

Think with Google Monday 09 July 2018

How Time Inc. grew revenue with native video ad units

To meet the growing demand for video ads, Time Inc. leveraged Google Ad Manager’s native advertising solution to deliver outstream video ads.

Think with Google Tuesday 24 July 2018

If you’re running a video brand campaign, why not gather leads too?

When marketers set out to generate leads, digital video isn’t typically top of mind. But Chili’s recently learned that it is well worth a try.

Think with Google Tuesday 28 August 2018

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