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Bitcoin: How Money Has Evolved

From seeds and precious metals to coins and paper, is digital cash the next step in the evolution of money?How “currency” was born.Before the invention of cash money, people relied on a bartering system, this meant that if one person wanted a certain...

Hackernoon Wednesday 18 July 2018

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How I Built a Company With a $130M Valuation

A snapshot of the team, taken April 20, 2018As countless other stories go, the beginning of StartEngine was a simple one. Today, StartEngine is 33 employees. We have helped 160 companies raise capital from our pool of 150,000+ investors. We have rais...

Hackernoon Wednesday 18 July 2018

How to Block Websites on Chrome Desktop and Mobile

Let’s say you want to block certain websites, like Facebook or Pinterest, on your work computer to ensure those distractions ar...

HubSpot Thursday 12 July 2018

The Journey to a World Unknown Begins in a Vessel Yet Built

An Uncensored Look At Smart Contracts, Part 2:If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, I recommend starting there first.Getting started writing softwar...

Hackernoon Wednesday 11 July 2018

24 Excel Formulas, Keyboard Shortcuts & Tricks That'll Save You Lots of Time

Marketing and Microsoft Excel go together like peanut butter and chocolate. There's just one problem. For many of us...

HubSpot Wednesday 11 July 2018

What to Post on Instagram: 20 Post Ideas to Spice Up Your Feed

For many small business owners, there’s no question that they should be building a presence on Instagram. They sign up for an account, set up their profile, but then they hit a hurdle: What exactly should you post?

Shopify Wednesday 11 July 2018

How Fast Can You Learn React?

Have you ever wondered if Flash needs more than 5 minutes to learn React?There is a trend in software development that I am starting to despise from the deepest corners of my liver — portraying complicated stuff as if it were a piece o’ cake. React i...

Hackernoon Monday 09 July 2018

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21 of the Best Facebook Pages We've Ever Seen

With more than 2.20 billion monthly...

HubSpot Monday 09 July 2018

Blockchain is the future of e-commerce

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have much to offer the world of conventional e-commerce, with the first payment plug-ins and even whole marketplace platforms now launching.From its shaky start with Amazon and other early online retailers in the late...

Hackernoon Tuesday 10 July 2018

17 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Online Sales

Social media marketing is an effective way for ecommerce sites to boost online sales. Increase online sales fast with these 17 social media marketing strategies that you can try today.

Shopify Monday 02 July 2018

8 of the Best WordPress Themes for Your Portfolio

It's not at all difficult to build a decent design portfolio. But if your business depends on how you choose to showcase your work, "decent" usually won't cut it. A nice painting with the caption "Autumn Colors" might be adequate in some cases. But...

Sitepoint Thursday 05 July 2018

The 1-Minute Guide to Making Google Your Homepage

When you ask someone a question nowadays and they don’t know the answer, you almost always know what they’ll say -- “Just Google it.” Wi...

HubSpot Thursday 05 July 2018

How Blockchain Is Reshaping The Advertising and Media Spaces

Digital advertising fraud is a massive issue in the business world.Ad fraud takes $1 for every $3 spent on digital ads.In fact, ad fraud is such a serious issue that 37% of surveyed advertisers would gladly pay a premium to ens...

Hackernoon Tuesday 03 July 2018

9 Ways to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales

It's a dilemma that almost every new entrepreneur has to face: Customer trust is hardest to earn when you don't have any customers. Yet, you need to earn customer trust before they'll choose to buy from you. Luckily, these stra...

Shopify Tuesday 03 July 2018

Tech Career Advice from 30 Interviews

I just wrapped up season one of my Dev Chats series, where I interviewed a different tech professional every 1–3 weeks asking them about their role, career, and their unique experiences. It was really great hearing from the folks I had on, and I hope...

Hackernoon Wednesday 04 July 2018

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