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6 Things You Should Never, Ever Tell Your Coworkers

We spend a lot of time at work. Forty hours a week for forty odd years adds up to a whopping 7...

HubSpot Wednesday 04 July 2018

Getting Started with JavaScript Object

An object is a type of data in JavaScript. It's the only value you can pass around as variables besides primitives. For this reason, objects are really important in JavaScript. What are obj... Monday 02 July 2018

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What is a Digital Nomad and How Do You Become One?

In the Cascade Mountains of Southern Oregon, there sits a volcano with no peak. But what...

HubSpot Monday 02 July 2018

LinkedIn for Content Marketing: What You Need to Know

About two years ago, LinkedIn opened its publishing platform to all members and expanded its content marketing potential for B2B and B2C brands. Here are a few things you should know about where LinkedIn publishing stands today.

ContentMarketingInstitute Tuesday 03 July 2018

What Is UI: The Definition of User Interface in 200 Words or Less

What is UI? UI, which stands for User Int...

HubSpot Tuesday 03 July 2018

Brand marketers: Just sitting on your video performance metrics won’t get you far

As a brand marketer in the digital age, you can capture all the campaign performance data in the world, but unless you have the right measurement, distribution, and optimization processes, it’s worthless. This is something Kellogg recently tackled fo...

Think with Google Monday 09 July 2018

11 Content Curation and Collaboration Tools to Save You Time

How can you create a system to curate and collaborate on content that doesn’t require more people or waste your time? The answer lies in at least one of these 11 tools. C...

ContentMarketingInstitute Wednesday 27 June 2018

What You Missed Last Month in Google

How in the world did we get here?

HubSpot Monday 02 July 2018

Fitting Text to a Container

There are a number of ways to go about putting some text in a container and having it size itself to fill that container. There are different technologies we can use and different considerations to think about. Let us count the ways. Magic Number...

CSS Tricks Friday 29 June 2018

Optimization Auditing: A Deep Dive into Chrome’s Dev Console

Chrome DevTools incorporates many sub-tools for debugging web applications on the client side --- like recording performance profiles and inspecting animations --- most of which you've likely been using since your early days of learning web d...

Sitepoint Friday 29 June 2018

Personal macOS Workspace Setup

This is my personal macOS workspace setup for web development. If you’d like to install latest technologies and stay up to date, follow my guide and you will enjoy using your macOS computer more than ever.This post will remain updated, as this is gui...

Hackernoon Monday 02 July 2018

PHP Reflection

Beginning work on the Analyze PHP framework, specifically the container, brought reflection to my awareness. Before that I had maybe heard the term, but I definitely hadn’t used it intentionally. Although it sounds like a scary computer science conce...

DevelopmentMatt Wednesday 27 June 2018

Laravel Tenancy – Multi-Tenant Package for Laravel

Laravel Tenancy is a package by Daniël Klabbers, Paulo Trajano, and Bertrand Kintanar, for making your Laravel application multi-tenant. Learn about getting started with this package and its highlight features. Visit Laravel News f...

Laravel News Thursday 21 June 2018

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GitHub Tips and Tricks

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite GitHub tips and tricks that I use in my workflow daily. You might be familiar with some or even all of them, but I find that developers new to GitHub and veterans alike might pick up a new tip or two!...

Laravel News Wednesday 27 June 2018

Free E-book: ​Modernize for Mobile Apps

(This is a sponsored post.) No sign up required to read the free e-book. Building modern apps (mobile, PWAs or Single Page Apps) that connect to legacy or enterprise systems is a pain. We put...

CSS Tricks Thursday 28 June 2018

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